Leveraging 100+ Years of Industry Experience:

The First SaaS Platform Purpose-Built for carbon developers and other participants in the carbon credits industry
The product of 20+ years development, iteration, and expertise.
Syntaq provides end-to-end digital support for carbon projects and the framework for carbon credits of highest quality and integrity.

The Technology Gap

Despite Skyrocketing Demand, Most Industry Participants Still Use Antiquated Technology,
Creating Siloed Data, Inefficiency and Slowed Growth

  Project Developers

Most developers use antiquated manual
 data capture, analytics and storage;
using Excel & Access to manage
project portfolios.

Project Investors

Investors cannot easily monitor or track their portfolio to determine real-time status, registered credit inventories, offset credit pipelines, etc.

Monitoring and Reporting

Growth in project volume has made project review and verification complex. This has impeded acceptance of new projects, and slows the amount of new offset credit issuances. 
“It’s a nightmare to manage our projects. We can’t run consolidated reports across our entire portfolio. All our project documents are just stored in separate computer files.”    -Project Proponent
Market Credibility – Requires World Class Data Management

Our Syntaq platform addresses issues such as:

  • Counterfeit Credits
  • Double Counting Credits
  • Fraud
  • Project Transparency
Carbon Project – Key Data Management Elements

Syntaq was designed to manage & streamline ALL of these processes!

  • Confirm Regulatory Additionality 
  • Establish Project Baseline (either data or calculation, depending on Methodology)
  • Determine Project “Activity” (from multiple candidate activities that may exist)
  • Develop Project Design/Description Document
  • Validation (1st Verification)
  • Monitoring
  • Ongoing Verifications
  • Track, manage multiple projects
The Syntaq Advantage
  • Manages the offset lifecycle from inception to retirement
  • Promotes credibility and value via rigorous data management
  • Ensures transparency for all relevant stakeholders 
  • Enables efficiency by providing online data management and visibility minimizing in person verification
  • Enables substantial PDD automation, allowing faster time to project listing
  • Supports project scale by ensuring consistent processes and data management
  • SaaS based carbon data management/analytics system designed to gather, record, calculate, report & share inventory data for the creation of voluntary & compliance offsets for any qualified regulatory environment using protocols.
  • Capable of storing/relating all data types & efficiently relating relevant data to carbon protocols
    • Plot data, including parametric/geo-location/topo
    • Imagery: LiDAR / multispectral / satellite
    • Parametric data – flow rates, composition, temperature, velocity, pressure, time related events, etc.
    • Vendor related: P.O.’s/location/historical, etc.
    • Legal / Historical / Stakeholder Minutes/ Boundaries & Metes/Shape files/Survey records
    • Audio/Video clips
    • Project Description Document(s) & other documents
  • Equations – as specified by methodology or for intermediate use
    • Including internal calculations (such as allometric equations & growth/taper equations for relevant tree species
    • Can be entered into system from “back office” or from “the field”
  • Modeling: internal calculations; also interfaces with external modeling (USDA USFS FVS, CBM-CFS3, UBC 3-PG, etc.) as required by certain methodologies
  • Automated sensor interfacing (industrial facilities) or manual data inputting using tablets/cell phones (data apps) for project data
  • When manual data apps are used, ‘tracking’ can be used to determine whether the device was “taken through the facility” to ensure data wasn’t simply being entered from a desk
  • Sensor calibration requirements are stored & operators are reminded to calibrate them – and stored data is color coded to reflect calibration status (QA/QC & Error Bounds)
  • Alarm conditions can be set (for certain sensor readings/combinations) and used to alert personnel
  • Authorized users can design/implement data/performance dashboards of their own
  • While designed primarily to manage carbon offset lifecycle from inception to retirement, Syntaq can augment other related operations tasks including tracking sensor health, QA/QC functions, equipment health, data reports, etc.
  • All stored data & communications are encrypted

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