Compass Carbon’s patented Syntaq is an advanced technology currently unmatched in the industry

Syntaq provides solutions that are secure, scalable, quickly deployed and remotely maintainable. Syntaq manages unparalleled levels of data and provides the highest level of analytics in support of our issuances.

  Data Logging and Control

  • All site equipment can be monitored and controlled by Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s)
  • PLC’s data is stored locally and synchronized to the Central Repository using various methods such as internet, cellular, and manual storage retrieval

Central Repository

  • The Central Repository utilizes a centralized Relational Database management System (RDBMS) located at a hosing facility. Data captured at each site is synchronized to the central database on a regular basis

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Numerous monitoring and reporting solutions are utilized to provide business intelligence

Regulatory Integration

  • Automated integration includes authentication, submittal, logging, transactional tracking and technical document development

Financial System Integration

  • Automated integration of inventory, XML and CVS file generation

The Result is Maximed Credit Value and Project Profitability

   Accelerated Project Timelines/Cash Flows

Syntaq has the ability to significantly reduce the timeline from project inception to first credit issuance. This can result in improved cash flow and a higher ROI.

Increased Project Credit Yields

Syntaq allows for the aggregation and analysis of vast amounts of project data collected by remote sensing technologies. As a result, a Compass Carbon project has the ability to conduct an inventory of the actual trees as opposed to relying on less detailed carbon models permitted under existing protocols. By processing vast amounts of actual tree data Syntaq can lead to increased credit yields.

Enhanced Credit Quality and Security

Compass Carbon-issued credits allow for the real-time monitoring of the life-cycle of each credit produced through our Syntaq technology. For example, other forest project credits only allow buyers to see a listing on a registry without providing any detailed information about the credit itself. In contrast, our forest project credits allow stakeholders to trace the origin of the credit back to a particular grouping of trees and follow the life-cycle of a credit from project inception through retirement of the credit, all in real-time. This provenance transparency is unmatched in the industry and provides an enhanced level of confidence in the authenticity of that particular credit. This transparency of Compass credits serves to create an enhanced “AAA-rated” credit that has significant quality and security superiority over other credits currently produced in the market.

Improved Project Economics

Our Syntaq System can result in a significant increase of project profitability by:
Reducing labor and management time requirements for project development and ongoing monitoring, reporting and verification and;
increasing revenues through greater crediting yields and higher credit “AAA” quality.

Global Warming threatens our health, our economy, our natural resources and our children’s future.

It is clear we must act.