Brad Upham
Shayne A. Reeb

Shayne A. Reeb has 27 years of experience as an architect of software and technology solutions. He has held Chief Information and Chief Technology positions in carbon offset development and alternate fuel companies for the past 17 years. Shayne developed two patents, as well as a methodology and software solution for the carbon offset industry, focusing on forest carbon sequestration and methane avoidance. His technology solutions have been utilized by over a thousand carbon offset projects producing tens of millions of carbon offset credits. Shayne has also architected software and hardware solutions for two alternative fuel companies to create biofuel, carbon offset credits, and renewable credits. His earlier experience includes leading as an architect, manager, and developer of various solutions for the energy , biotechnology, chemical, medical, manufacturing, and financial industries. Shayne earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Purdue University.

Brad Upham
John McMorris

John McMorris has served at the forefront of the dynamic Climate Change, Environmental and Sustainability space since 2001, developing carbon offset and renewable energy projects and technology, in scale, across the globe and entering into Research and Development agreements with universities, the private sector and sovereign governments. John was the first to structure multiple GHG mitigation project sites into a single (United Nations) UNFCCC project and the first to create ‘optioned’ projects (for future grid connection under pre-approved conditions) in approved UNFCCC projects. John has worked extensively with UNFCCC to develop methodologies (and to a lesser extent, influencing policy), primarily in the CDM space and later under VCS/VERRA. He has worked with the Provincial Canadian and the Californian GHG systems (and VCS/VERRA) in their early days to qualify innovative carbon forestry projects.

John was a co-founder and President of AgCert International, a global Climate Change project firm which became one of the world’s two largest until its acquisition by AES. AgCert comprised more than 850 staff in 9 countries and developed over 750 approved (mostly CDM) projects throughout the Americas, including more than 90% of the available animal biogas production sites in Mexico and Brazil. John was also a founding executive of Forest Systems Management Co, a global carbon forestry company, which for the first time combined seasoned forestry and carbon professionals to develop sustainable forestry solutions using advanced monitoring and verification tools. Forest Systems Management went on to implement numerous large-scale programs in New Zealand and Brazil. John also worked as the COO of Alternative Energy Corp from 2015-2018, installing and managing energy projects in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Laos.

John was instrumental in developing the world’s most advanced carbon software aggregation system and was also a contributing author to “A Guide to Carbon Law and Practice.” John holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Brad Upham
 Kurt Kaiser

Kurt brings 30 years of entrepreneurial and management experience in various industries including real estate development, technology, and commodities trade to the Compass Carbon Team.

Kurt started his career as a clerk on the floor of New York Stock exchange. He soon branched off into real estate by buying and selling fixer-upper homes and formed then formed Kaiser Development in 1988. As President of Kaiser Development, Kurt expanded the company from a small New York residential developer into a developer of large scale residential and commercial projects in several states along the US East Coast. In the late 1990’s Kurt invested in several technology related start-ups and worked closely with these companies in order to develop these technologies. In 2010, Kurt formed Ikon Energy for the purpose of trading petroleum and energy related products.  

Kurt attended the University of Miami and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. He is also a graduate of the ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) Oil Trader Academy, located in London.

Brad Upham
 Brad Upham

Brad is an entrepreneur and business consultant with over 15 years of experience in the areas of business development, finance, and management. In 2013 he founded Rock Willow Energy LLC to provide marketing and logistics services to South American mining and energy concerns.  Initially focused on providing specialty heating fuels for the European market, the company developed a global network of traditional and alternative energy providers and customers. Rock Willow Energy LLC is active in Europe, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Asia.  

Before setting up Rock Willow Energy, Brad helped launch Ecologic Solutions, a company providing environmentally-preferable cleaning supplies for businesses and TLJ Gourmet Foods LLC, a wholesale prepared food product company serving retail supermarkets. Additionally, Ecologic Solutions develops business solutions and plans for the telecommunications and public relations companies, Cable & Wireless Plc and APCO Worldwide.

Brad is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and holds a BA in Russian History from the University of Chicago and an MBA from George Washington University.

Brad Upham
 John Crane

John Crane worked as Chief Financial Officer for Jet Support Services, Inc., the world’s largest independent provider of maintenance programs for private and business jets. Prior to his time with JSSI, John had an extensive career in Asia. A 1990 graduate of the Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania, John worked in Singapore in business development for United Technologies (Otis Elevator) and then joined JP Morgan. He spent almost 14 years with JP Morgan in New York, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

​John established the JP Morgan office in Bangkok in 1996, and was responsible for their Thai investment banking business for eight years, executing a variety of financing and M&A transactions for leading corporate clients as well as the Kingdom of Thailand. Subsequent to his years with JPM, John consulted for a number of Thai and international clients including Macquarie Bank, Mobile Systems, and Thoresen Thai Agencies where he served as CFO of Mermaid Maritime and coordinated that company’s listing on the Singapore stock exchange.


Brad Upham
Len B. Eddy

Len currently sits on the Federal GHG Offset committee to develop a national methodology for Improved Forest Management. He has 33 years of experience in business management, industrial operations, environmental auditing, and management consulting.  He was an original leader at AgCert International LLC; a company that completed and registered 700 GHG reduction projects under the UN Kyoto Treat offset program, and he led several greenhouse gas offset business development initiatives throughout the Americas and Asia, involving agriculture, forestry, waste management and renewable energy. Len was also the national practice leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) greenhouse gas management consulting while a Director of PwC’s Global Forest & Paper Risk Management Services. His earlier experience includes a progressive career as a professional forester, and he has managed all aspects of large-scale forest industrial operations. Len’s other areas of expertise includes environmental auditing having lead auditor role for several of the first Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) certifications throughout the US and Canada. He is also an inventor, with international patents for a nanocellulose-based adsorbent pellet, and his education includes a BSc (forestry) and an MBA from the University of Alberta.

Brad Upham
Jaclyn ‘Jackie’ Ferlita

Jaclyn “Jackie” Ferlita – President, AQC Environmental Brokerage Services Inc. Ms. Ferlita is the Founder and President of the Emissions Desk at AQC’s Environmental Credit Brokerage and Consulting business where she focusses on California and Texas’ many and varied regional emissions reduction credit markets, California and Washington’s greenhouse gas Cap-and-Trade programs, voluntary carbon offset credit markets, and low carbon fuel standard markets. Throughout her career she has facilitated over 500 million in emission credit transactions. Ms. Ferlita currently serves as a Board member on the South Coast Air Quality Management District Home Rule Advisory Committee, an active member of the International Emissions Trade Association, and several Air & Waste Management Association regional chapters. Ms. Ferlita has a BA in Political Science from the University of California Los Angeles and an MBA with an emphasis on Finance from Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business Management.


Notable project milestones include:


Over one million acres of forestry and emission reduction credits in Brazil and the United States utilizing unique IFM planting of teak and eucalyptus trees;


724 bio-digester sites for hog and dairy cows producing over 5 million Certified Emissions Reductions (CER) credits annually;


Multiple palm oil bio-digester projects in Indonesia and Malaysia, and;


Initial project development stages of several IFM developments

Global Warming threatens our health, our economy, our natural resources and our children’s future.

It is clear we must act.