Compass Carbon is a full service “end to end” vertically integrated sustainability solutions provider

We provide our partners and clients with a full range of project development solutions which include the following:

•  Carbon Project Opportunity Assessment
•  World Class Data management system to track carbon offset
lifecycle from inception to final disposition
   •  Data Dashboards (real-time status)
   •  Data QA/QC (wide range of capabilities)
•  Feasibility Confirmation
•  Inventory Development
•  Carbon Offset Modeling
•  Project Design and Documentation 
•  Third Party Verification Planning
•  Project Registration
•  Carbon Offset Marketing and Sales
•  Ongoing Carbon Project Support
•  Facilitation of Third Party Verifier Review of Data (via Syntaq)

    Compass Carbon Manages all Types of Carbon Offset Projects

    • Agriculture
    • Forestry
    • BioChar
    • Blue Carbon
      • Mangroves
      • Seagrass
      • Tidal Marshes
    • Biomass
    • Bagasse
    • Fuel Switch
      • Power Generation
      • Shipping
      • Vehicle Fleets
    • Industrial Initiatives
    • Solar/Wind
    • Green Hydrogen
    • Coal Mine Methane
    • Methane Capture / Destruction
      • Industrial
      • Ag CAFQs
      • Palm Oil / Cassava, etc.
      • Tapioca
      • Methane Avoidance
    Compass Carbon designs, plans, implements and provides ongoing management of carbon offset projects. Members of our team have seasoned, solid experience working with numerous methodologies from many certifying bodies.

    Compass Carbon Project Process

    Feasibility Study / Opportunity Assessment

    Implementation Strategy

    Data Management Plan

    Project Registration and Verification

    Project Execution

    Commercialization and ongoing Project Support

    Compass Carbon Ecosystem
    Compass Carbon Differentiators
    •  Our Syntaq proprietary global leading data management application
       •  Improves project execution, speed and efficiency
       •  Ensures complete project transparency 
       •  Enables rapid and easy auditing across the entire project lifecycle
    •  The Compass Team is uniquely experienced with over 100 years of carbon offset management – derived in multiple sectors/methodologies around the globe
    •  Compass Carbon is focused on high quality projects which result in top quality carbon offset credits

    Global Warming threatens our health, our economy, our natural resources and our children’s future. It is clear we must act.

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